Friday, April 22, 2011

Papercraft 10 - Japanese Apple stand

As the saying says: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Today I bring you the Apple stand. This is a Japanese papercraft featuring a beautiful sweet caramelized apples, with some choco-bananas as well !
This papercraft was totally made by my wife, Raquel Perez (you can see her blog HERE). Being an apple lover, she went crazy upon seeing the green apples on the stand! A great effort made this papercraft possible, difficult foldings and lots of cuts, but YOU made it dear ! Congrats on your very first papercraft !!!! MMMMMMUA !!!!

Another big point for doing this papercraft was that a neighbour of us does sells this kind of candies: both the sweet apples and the choco-bananas.

Enough talking, here the pics !

And finally, this papercraft can be downloaded HERE. Site is in japanese but no need for translations, just click on either the Letter or A4 PDF formats.

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