Monday, April 25, 2011

Papercraft 11 - Japanese Studio

Welcome once more to a new papercraft ! This time I give you a very beautiful japanese studio. Basically it is a nice japanese house with its small garden and even a mini lake with a koi fish in it. It is one of the most beautiful papercrafts we have done so far. I say WE because both my wife an I made it possible (Thank you my dear Raquel !)

This papercraft is not that hard to do, since it has a lot of rectangular parts, the cuts and folds are relatively easy to do. Perhaps the most difficult part to assemble is the house structure, but with patience it is possible.

Here some pics of the structure alone and the pics with all the contents of the small house.

This are all the parts that go into the studio:

Here is the complete structure of the house:

And it even has mice on the back of the house !! ^_^ It might worth to change them to Makuro kuro suke (the black dust soot balls inhabitant of old houses, like in My Neighbour Totoro)

And here the studio with all the parts on their sites:

Lovely, isn't it? It does has the koi fish lake, a fish bowl, a pair of futons, the laptop, some food, plants, lamps and its own bamboo and water deposit !!

Finally, this papercraft can be found HERE. Site is in japanese but no need for translations, just click on either the Letter or A4 PDF formats.

Enjoy !

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