Sunday, July 10, 2011

Papercraft 15 - Tulips

On past Mothers day we decided to make this papercraft as a gift. Although it looks kind of simple at the beginning, it turned out to be a more complex papercraft during assembly.

The easiest part: The box. A simple square base for the flowers, including the green base for the flowers themselves.

The hard part: The flowers. Each flower is composed by 6 petals: 3 internal and 3 external, very well differentiated by the size. The inner petals are smaller than the outer ones.

You have to glue the petals and curl them a bit to give the impression that they do are petals, otherwise, they will look very stiff and hard.

The hardest part of the assembly was to assemble the flower once the petals were ready, since they are already curled, it made it difficult to get them all together. You need to use a good fast-dry glue, or keep the pressure for some time to get them stick together as they should. A pencil might work for this.

Maybe the most delicate part of all the papercraft is to paste the flowers to the green base. Again, use of a fast-dry glue is very advised.

Here the pics:

WORD OF ADVISE: Do not try to make this papercraft IN A RUSH. Believe me, just 2 days before mothers day is not enough to get it ready for gifting ^_^

And finally, this papercraft can be downloaded HERE !
Also, there is another flower arrangement made from roses HERE! Personally, I'll prefer red roses instead.


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