Thursday, December 23, 2010

Papercraft 1 - Fishes

Here goes the first papercraft I've done. They are actually 2 of them, but since both are pretty much the same I'll count them as one LOL.
This are a pair of small fish tanks with 2 fish each.
The first one has 2 puffers (or at least kind of since they have no thorns) and 2 small plants. The plants are very simple since they are both just flat plants, but the bases of both are a bit difficult to assemble. The puffers themselves might prove a bit of an effort to assemble, but the final work looks great.
The trick to keep the fish "floating" on the fish tank is to use a small piece of transparent string. You can use also white string, but the transparent looks better and it is easy to get. The model includes a section where to "suspend" the fish on the top, so you can arrange where the fish shall be pointing to and the height of each fish.

For this model I made the "glass walls" of the fish tank with pieces of acetate paper. It is a transparent plastic like material used to project transparencies. Because of the difficulty of assembling this walls, the second model lacks them.

This is the second model of the fish tank. It is exactly the same but for the fish models. This ones look a lot bigger, yet pretty beautiful. As I mentioned, this model does not have the transparent walls on it, so the fish tend to jump outside the tank limits !

And finally, here is the link were you can download the templates for this 2 models. The site offers another 2 models, one with clown fish and another one with sea horses. Personally I do love the clown fish one !!
Enjoy !

Moorish fish

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