Monday, January 03, 2011

Papercraft 2 - Tron

You might remember one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made by Disney. It was about a guy that was able to get into the computer world (literally) and have a great adventure inside circuits and programs. I'm talking about TRON. This past December 25th, Disney made a new movie about this adventure: TRON LEGACY.

This post will contain a nice papercraft from the Classic Recognizer from the original Tron movie. It is very simple to assemble, as most of its parts are squares and some triangles. This is a very good paperkraft to beginners. However, the model parts do not "assemble" one with each other, as the original Recognizer was kinda floating without any kind of junction (this was of course within the Tron realm ^_^) sooo, getting the whole model together requires an assembly template, where you can paste the model to and let it hang maybe on your wall or make a small diorama, as it is presented here.

On this variant, I decided to paste the model pieces to a transparent acetate paper, by putting the assembly template behind the acetate and pasting the pieces to it. It is possible to leave the model in this fashion and you can hang it on your wall. This will make a very good illusion that it is pasted directly to the wall, when in reality it is not.

Yet, I wished to give some mood to the model, so I got a small card box, printed some patterns to paste on the inside of the box and finally put the model with the acetate inside. Here the final result:

The model can be downloaded HERE. It includes both the model an an alternate ambience made for it.
And, here the patterns for the FLOOR, WALL1, WALL2, and BACKGROUND.

Final note: I did this model in LETTER size, the original size is in A4, so this model is a bit smaller. Also, I noticed that the original templates DO NOT HAVE pasting flaps, so you need to make some on your own, be careful with this !!

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