Saturday, January 29, 2011

Papercraft 6 - Yukata

As an anime fan i wanted to do a papercraft that reflects both my anime likes and a japanese style, so after not much search on the web I found this wonderful papercraft. It is a very detailed and hard-to-do papercraft, as it involves a great level of detail (specially on the hands as you shall see) and lots of patience. This model took about 3 days to complete, so believe me, it is hard !

The 2 most difficult parts to assemble on this papercraft were:
  • Hands - This ones have a GREAT level of detail, since it includes individual pieces for the hand and fingers.
  • Kimono - This might seem easy at the naked eye, but it does involves several interesting folds that give the whole figure its own flavor. Assembling the kimono must be done in order to avoid having parts difficult to paste.
Word of advise: Assemble the top half section first (from the waist up) and the bottom half afterwards (from the waist down). Both parts can be fixed without glue (just inserted one into the other) with enough patience.

When you print the patterns, the lower section of the kimono (the one that resembles a skirt) is white on the interior. I decided to paint it black with a permanent marker to give the sensation that the whole kimono fabric is black. It does not looks that bad if you leave it in white, but looks great in black.

Here the long awaited pics.

Here the detail on the hands. Each finger is a separate piece, so it takes time and patience to assemble it !

The model DOES NOT includes instructions, but the advantage is that it is in PDO file, so you can use the 3d model to guide your assembly. Remember that PDO files are open with the Pepakura Viewer (see links on the right).

The Yukata papercraft was made by a famous papercraft designer Moekami. Unfortunatelly the model is no longer available on it's original site, but...

This beautiful papercraft can be downloaded HERE.

Enjoy !

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