Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Papercraft 7 - Schoolgirl

One of the best parts of the anime are the School girls. Yes, those beautiful and sometimes gorgeous small skirted gals that made our hearts pound. This is a papercraft of one of those great girls, greatly achieved on the clothes, as it gives an awesome windy effect on the blouse and the skirt.
This model is not that hard to do, however the most problematic and difficult parts to assemble are both the blouse and the skirt, yet with a bit of patience it is possible to get both in very short time and with a great effect.

Enough talk, here the photos. Enjoy !

This model can stand by itself once assembled, however, since I made it for a gift, I set up a small support on the back. This is a small piece of wood set up on a piece of cardboard and the model was affixed to the support by the waist with a small piece of paper. This can be changed to a bit of string or something more flexible if required. Also, the model was fixed to the cardboard with another piece of paper by the boots. Those are not included on the original model !

And finally, this model can be downloaded HERE

Enjoy !!

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