Saturday, January 29, 2011

Papercraft 3 - Bulldozer

Today I bring you THE BULLDOZER !!

This is an amazingly detailed papercraft from the Canon Creative Park. It is pretty big and does has a lot of pieces to assemble. This one might prove a very good challenge for the beginner, as it has some big pieces and some small ones.

One thing I liked a lot of this model is that both the front and rear parts of the bulldozer are moveable. Since the assembly permits a small degree of movement, it looks pretty cool !

As you will notice on the photos, I did a small carton base for it, but instead of pasting it from the wheels to the base, I setup a 4 small paper hinges to have the model put on the base. This are inserted into 2 small openings that are already on the model and then pasted to the base. This way the model does not moves from its fixed position.

Here is a close up of the paper hinges used to fix the model to the base. The hinges are pasted to the base and just inserted into the model. They are NOT pasted to the model.

And this model can be downloaded HERE.

Enjoy !

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