Saturday, January 29, 2011

Papercraft 4 - Terran Command Center

Being a Starcraft fan myself, I decided to search for some papercrafts from this great game. Fortunatelly I found THIS PLACE where you can download a whole bunch of papercrafts from a lot of units.
Here I did the Terran Command Center. The model is actually pretty good and very well detailed. Has lots of big pieces so it is kinda easy to assemble.
The main challenge of this papercraft is to assemble all the pieces together. This model is done by assembling first mostly all of the pieces individually and then assembling the model all together at the end. This might prove a very good challenge, as when the final assembly is being done, most of the pieces tend not to be on the site they should be.

Word of advise: Do assemble all the parts individually and then use the big flat base as a guide to paste all the pieces together, one by one and starting from the center outwards. This helps a lot since the model is circular.

Perhaps the most difficult parts to assemble are the brown parts on the side of the Command Center, as they are very fragile both to assemble and to paste to the final model. Also, the entrance ramp might prove a small challenge to paste it to the final model.

One of the MAIN drawbacks I found when assemblying this model was that there was just 1 photo of the papercraft available (at least on spanish/english sites, since the original model is Korean). Here is the photo.

Here I give you a lot of pics from lots of angles to help on the assembly.

Very nice detail: The inside of the command center !

This is the bottom part of the command center once assembled. Be very careful to move the model around as it is a bit fagile !

I have no direct download for the Command Center alone, but if you are a Starcraft fan, you would not mind download the whole papercraft kit HERE.

Enjoy !

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