Sunday, August 21, 2011

Papercraft 17 - Chun Li

Being a fan of the Street Fighter series, I decided to search for this title papercrafts. After some research, the only one I found was a Ken papercraft (kinda like too square in form). About 1 month ago, Noturno made this GORGEOUS papercraft based in Chun Li. It seemed pretty easy at the beginning, but after assemblying the first parts (the shoes), I noticed that the model was really huge and highly detailed.

This model took 5 days to completion. It could have been more, however my wife and I were making this papercraft for a gift and we only had 1 week to assemble it and gift it, so we did it in a bit of a rush.
Day 1: Right shoe - This might be the most critical day, because it was when I realized the size of the model. Pretty easy to assemble, it went fine.
Day 2: Left shoe - Same as previous day.
Day 3: Legs and hips - This part was a bit tricky on the tighs, but being a very big model with lots of pieces, it was not hard to assemble.
Day 4: Waist and bust - Another easy to assemble part. I decided to leave the last 2 parts on the top of the bust, close to the neck, without assembly. This was to be able to glue the arms to the body.
Day 5: Hands, Arms, Wrists, Shoulders, Neck, Face, Hair, Hair Tails, Dress - That was the assembly order. The hands are HIGHLY detailed and not that hard to do due to the size. The arms were a bit tricky on the elbow zone, but nothing to worry about. The shoulders took most of the time, being big pieces, it was time consuming! Finally, the Face and hair took most of the time, since they are formed by a lot of small pieces I neede to be cautious not to screw the expressions.
The final pieces (Wrists, Hair Tails, Dress) were easy to do and easy to assemble at the end.

The shoes are easily pasted to the legs, the shoulders proved to be the most difficult section to assemble, having the body already in place. The wrists are easy to put in place, as well as pasting the hands to the arms. The last difficult part to assemble was the neck to the body. I decided to assemble the head and glue it to the neck and finally glue these to the body. Took quite some time to dry but was finally in place.

In summary, it is a GREAT model, moderate difficulty to assemble due to the size and lots of pieces, but the result is AWESOME.

Enough talk, here the pics. Enjoy !

And finally, this papercraft can be downloaded at NOTURNO's site HERE.
Enjoy !


Noturno said...

Ella es maravillosa! Felicitaciones, muy buen resultado, gracias por montar mi modelo, me hizo muy feliz!

Impera Silvercloud - Rustyblood said...

Al contrario Noturno, gracias por el excelente modelo !