Thursday, August 25, 2011

Papercraft 18 - Hybrid Mabikaze

I am very fond of the Mabikaze paperworks, have downloaded some of them, bought others, and assembled several of them. (HERE is one).
After making the Waitress, I bought the second version of the School Girl (HERE the first version, HERE the second version) and decided to assemble it. However, after looking at the similitudes, I decided to create a hybrid out of both models.
The first challenge: The textures. Having 2 different models needed to uniform the textures to create a feasable looking model, so I prefered to leave it almost all in white hues. The corset and the skirt are the same white-creamy hue, the skin was left unchanged. I prefered to leave the legs with some stockings, but the printer did not came out with the proper colors, they are supposed to be white tighs ^_^
I changed also the panty texture to be coherent with the rest of the model. ^_^
Finally, since I was still experimenting with the Pepakura viewer, i was not able to change the colors of the folding lines, so they look pretty obvious on the assembly. Very handy to know where to fold, not so good once the model is assembled. I shall change those in a few, as I got hands on the Pepakura Designer and can now change the color of the folding lines to be more in sync with the model.
The head is from the Waitress model, and I forgot to change the color of the hair, however the hair itself is from the School Girl model.

Waitress parts: bunny ears, head, neck, body, corset.
SchoolGirl v2 parts: hair, arms, hips, panties, legs, shoes.

Here the pics, Enjoy !

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