Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Papercraft 20 - Arin Sitting Pose

After a time with no papercrafts to assemble (not because I do not have some printed out ready to be done) and being very very satisfied with the work of Northarant san from Mabikaze Paperworks, I asked him to modify the Arin papercraft model into a new pose: from Standing to Sitting. This is the current papercraft we are working on:

Pics from the Mabikaze Paperworks site

This time, the model is composed by several more poligons, giving a more realistic appearance, yet this means that the assembly will prove to be more difficult than the previous standing pose.

Up to this moment, this are the advances done so far:

The inner part of the panty with the legs:

Legs with shoes and panties assembled:

Inner part with the back of the panties in place:

The whole lower section assembled:

Beginnings of the inner skirt and upper body section:

The inner skirt and legs assembled:

The next step: The rest of the upper body, brassiere.
I guess this parts need to be assembled first in order to assemble the dress afterwards. Since the dress goes above all other parts, this will be the most difficult part to assemble, but we shall see till we get there.

Enjoy !

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