Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Papercraft 19 - Arin

After reviewing and buying and downloading several papercrafts from the Mabikaze paperworks site (see link on the right), I decided to ask to his owner, Northarant san (ノザラント)to help me in generating a new papercraft based on his style.

Being a great fan of the Pangya golf game, I asked Northarant to create a papercraft from their character Arin. He agreed and we ended up with this model (available for sell in his site HERE).

Here are the links to his site, containing all details from the model, from the design till the finished model (warning, site is in japanese, but the pics are enough to see the development of the model)

Designing the head
Full body including the inner skirt and dress

Applying textures
Pepakura model preview
Assembly 1
Assembly 2
Finished model
Pattern to buy

Here are the original screenshots where the model was taken from:
Having some transparency was one of the main reasons to have the model created, so I decided to make the model using Arin's Signature Outfit: Blue Aqua Dress.

And finally, the model assembled and themed:

This has been a very difficult model to assemble, taking in consideration the fact that the dress was made in a transparent material to simulate the transparency on the original virtual model. However, the result DOES worth it.

Enjoy !

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