Monday, September 30, 2013

SHARP SH06-D NERV edition Partial DISASSEMBLY !!

After being for 3 months with this marvelous phone, the SHARP SH06-D NERV edition and dealing a bit with the screen problems reported on my previous post, it seems that the screen did had a factory problem and it needs to be replaced/fixed back on Japan. The mobile still works fine, however the screen goes black from time to time and there is no way to bring it back to life but by taking the battery out for a couple of hours and then reinserting it.

Sooo... I decided that, since this mobile is to go back to Japan for fixing, then I had the chance to rip it open before it does. Here is a partial disassembly guide, for those hardware fans and any person curious about what might be inside. I mention it is a partial one, since I did not disassembled it completely, just took apart the back cover, but did not went all the way into taking all sections apart. That because the mobile still works and I do not want to have any kind of reclaim about violating warranty labels or those pesky "orange single-use scotch tapes" used to fix some parts together.

First problem: The screws.

This are the screws this mobile has. I thought it was a kind of TORX screw, yet it turned out to be another kind. TORX is not a suitable screwdriver to use with this screw. After searching for a few, I did not find any kind of name or sample on the internet, so I decided to try to open them with a flat (slotted) screwdriver. Fortunatelly, the slotted 1.5mm screwdriver made it !!

You have to remove 7 of them, as shown below.

This are the screws once removed. Notice that only 3 out of 7 total screws have a small plastic washer. This is because since the mobile is water and dust proof, it should provide the best protection available. This way, water and dust shall not pass through that easy.

Once removed, you can use a plastic card (credit, debit, phone, etc) or a plastic spudger to pry open the external case.

This is the case once opened. The red rubber protection is all around the phone to provide maximum anti dust and water proof protection.

And this are the outer most guts of the phone.

And the rest of the pics, with the side views of the phone and back cover.

MicroUSB port closed.

MicroUSB port open.

The 4 gold connectors used with the craddle.

The MicroUSB port cover.

And that is for today. Looks like a very good and decent assembly, modular construction with a very solid and precise fabrication. It is also a delight viewing it =)

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