Saturday, May 17, 2014

Papercraft 21 - Arin alternate dress and design

After many months of not making any papercraft models, I decided to give a try to a long planned resking of the Arin standing pose model. Playing with the textures, I wanted her to look a bit gothic, so after searching for a lot of pictures for reference, this is the final assembled model. For reference, this is the original Arin Blue model.
Enjoy !

The first part assembled: Shoes, legs, hips and inner torso. The torso part inserts on the upper section of the model.

Here is the detail of the shoes.

This is the inner part of the upper section (inside the skirt. It has been painted with red and blue spray to give the right tones and textures.

This is the main front view of the upper section. As per the original model, the corset was adapted and the original bra changed to breasts.

The model assembled.

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